Madhuri Parson New York
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learn about Madhuri's Bespoke Offering 1. The Design
The initial concept is born through a combination of observing and learning from people, places and things. Once the theme has been identified, then initial sketches are drawn. In order to achieve the level of perfection needed for each sketch, the designer thoroughly reviews multiple iterations of the drawings. The sketches are then translated into exact 3-D dimensions with specified details of stone size, placement and setting.
2. The Making

The initial phase is for the designer to approve the rendering, source specific precious materials, and select a craftsman. Once the designer selects a craftsman, they then review each design and determine the next steps. Working off the designer's sketches, the skilled artisan begins to breathe life into the drawings, working on a master model. Then, the designer carefully inspects the thickness of the model to ensure it meets the exact measurements. Upon approval, the craftsman forges ahead by soldering the metal design together to form the jewelry piece. From here, the craftsman applies a pre-polish to smooth any rough edges before he sends it to a stone setter. The stone setter mounts the metal piece on hard clay so that it is fully secured while he patiently sets each gemstone into its exact location on the metal. By approval, the jewelry piece is sent to the polisher for a final round of polish and a finishing technique is applied to complete the radiant piece.
3. The Madhuri Parson Jewelry

The final stage is for Madhuri to carefully inspect the jewelry piece for smooth edges and evenly polished areas, and to make sure that the gemstones are firmly secured to the precious metal. Once Madhuri approves the artisanship and handiwork, the inspection passes, she tries on each piece to ensure that it’s comfortable to wear, can be firmly clasped and looks absolutely magnificent before she presents it to her customers.