Madhuri Parson New York
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Q. How do you know the gemstones are of high-quality?
When sourcing diamonds and colored gemstones, we work with family contacts and trustworthy gem dealers that have a solid reputation in the industry. If there is a need for a specific stone, such as a rare Tsavorite, we work through our network to find the most reputable wholesaler for that particular stone.

Q. Do you work with the same craftsmen? How do you select them?
We work with about a dozen notable craftsmen and each one has their own unique strengths as a metalsmith and artisan. Based on the design specs and by collaboration, we select the appropriate person for the work.

Q. What inspired your first jewelry line?
For Madhuri’s debut collections, she wanted to go back to her jewelry roots to find inspiration, which led her back to India. The country’s rich textile patterns, vibrant colors, natural surroundings, Rajasthan ancient Jain temples, and the exotic wildlife inspired her. Each aspect of her travels to India is reflected in the line.

Q. What do you mostly like to design?
While Madhuri Parson New York is launching with Indian-inspired designs, The designer’s overall sensibility comes from a mix between her Eastern traditions and Western style. Madhuri tries to diversify her designs by taking elements from her travels and experiences and apply them to the collections.

Q. How do you care for the pieces?
Madhuri Parson jewelry is delicate yet durable. Since the jewelry line is made up of precious metals and stones, we suggest that you keep your jewelry in its boxes and away from direct heat. Heat can slowly tarnish metal and can be harmful to the gemstone. Taking a soft cloth and gently rubbing the oil from the jewelry is also good practice. Lastly, if you apply fragrance, do so before wearing your jewelry piece as the chemicals from the spray can tarnish the metal.

Q. What is the Bespoke Offering? Will the designer work with me even if I don’t live in the same city?
Madhuri's Bespoke Offering is an opportunity to meet with the designer and custom-design your own collection. Thanks to easy access to the Internet and online videoconferencing, Madhuri can easily work with people living around the world.

Left image: Emerald and diamond gold shimmer pendant. e-mail us