Madhuri Parson was born into a family of jewelers dating back six generations in India. Her first glimpse into the jewelry world was spending time with her late grandfather in India who taught her the tradition of jewelry making.

As a teen, Madhuri accompanied her grandfather on a business trip to Jaipur to buy precious colored gemstones from wholesalers. She was fascinated by the karigar's (craftsmen) intricate workmanship. His ability to spend hours carefully handsetting each gemstone in high karat gold foil without loosing his concentration fascinated her. The beauty of the stones coupled with the craftsman’s unwavering dedication ignited Madhuri's passion many years later.

Madhuri also learned from her grandfather's international business savvy. He was an innovator and one of the pioneers who wholesaled precious gemstones abroad in London, Paris, and Geneva. He taught her about the global marketplace, how to review gems, and shared his wisdom to respect and honor others.

Throughout her adulthood, Madhuri's parents fondness for collecting original artwork and their environmentally friendly lifestyle helped shape her own style.

Madhuri’s admiration for her family led her to develop her eponymous global fine jewelry brand in Jaipur and Mumbai.