Discover the new jewelry label at Macy*s Herald Square, NYC

Madu is a new generation of modern jewelry, offering a range of affordable creations with a design sensibility of subtle elegance and old world charm, sharing the brand ethos with the parent luxury brand, Madhuri Parson New York.

Our mission is to create designs that represent authenticity, value and timelessness while following the fair trade and sourcing bylaws.

Our hope is to transmit positive impact when you wear a Madu jewelry piece.

Our brand new Lotus collection was inspired by the universally recognized flower for its purity, calming nature, elegance and gentle, yet vivid colors. Designed with genuine gemstones and set in 18kt yellow gold-plated sterling silver, the essence of each style is luxurious, but remain available at accessible price points.

The Lotus collections offering includes vibrant bracelets, earrings, rings, and pendant necklaces.

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We invite you to explore the new Lotus collection in the heart of New York City at Macy*s Herald Square.

If you live outside of New York City and would like to shop the Lotus collection, we’re happy to assist you. Please drop us a line at or ring us on +1 917 740 3391

“I feel that jewelry is a playful memento, it awakens our emotions, and makes us feel inspired and confident. As a woman, designing for women, I try to design jewelry consciously, by understanding our complex emotions and is a way for us to express our unique spirit. I wanted to share my creations with more customers, and as a result, the new Madu jewelry label was born.”

- Madhuri Parson, Founder,
CEO & Creative Director of Madu and Madhuri Parson New York

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